Need help cleaning your one piece valve?


We’d like to assure you that child health and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re taking the current concerns around our Sippee cups very seriously.

We sell millions of Sippee cups globally but we know from recent social media posts, that some people have had problems cleaning the valve. For this we sincerely apologise and we are actively following up on any concerns raised.

We want everyone to be happy with our products and we always want to exceed expectations. We’ve therefore listened to our customers, and will be launching a new Sippee cup in the next few months. The new cup will have a two piece valve that can be used with different types of liquid, and is easier to clean.

In the meantime, we are making the transparent, see-through valves shown here immediately available to parents that have concerns. The see-through valve will enable parents to see inside, and give you confidence that the valve is clean. If you would like to receive a see-through valve or alternative cup please contact our Careline on free phone 1-866-214-1537, and one will be sent as quickly as possible. Check our opening hours.

Caring for your Sippee cup - Our simple cleaning guide

The cleaning instructions below will help you get the best from your cups, it's very important to clean them in line with our instruction guide which is provided below, or watch the how to clean your Tommee Tippee Sippee Cup video.

How to clean your Tommee Tippee Straw Cup

Pop up the straw by pressing the trigger.

a. Pop up the straw by pressing the trigger.

  1. Unscrew the lid.

  2. Pop up the straw by pressing the trigger. (See below)

  3. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse in clean water or use a dishwasher (top shelf only).
squeeze valve

b. Squeeze the valve to ensure it is open.

  1. If the straw has been completely removed from the lid - remove the trigger from the lid by pushing to the left then right. Push the straw through the lid, and then pull the straw from the top, until the valve seals in position. Squeeze the valve to ensure it is open. (See below)

  2. Push the straw through the trigger and click into place.

  3. Replace lid on base.


How to clean your Tommee Tippee Sippee Cup

Pull the valve out

c. Pull the valve out.

  1. Unscrew the lid. Pull the valve out (this is important for a thorough cleaning of the valve). You may need to wiggle the valve left to right to get it to release. (See below)

  2. After each use, immediately wash all parts thoroughly in warm soapy water and rinse in clean water. The valve should be hand-washed only. All other parts including the lid, base, cover and handles can be washed in the dishwasher (top shelf only).
pushing until four sides lock into place

d. Pushing until the four sides lock into place.

  1. To ensure no residual soapy water is left in the valve, run clean water directly into all four openings after washing

  2. To remove excess water, shake the valve and let it air-dry before reassembling it with the cup. Store your lids and cups separately, to allow air to circulate freely

  3. Once all parts are dry, to re-assemble, place the valve back in the lid, pushing until the four sides lock into place. (See below) Screw the lid back onto the cup.


As with most sippy cups, ours are to be used with milk, water or juices that don’t contain pulp.

Please do not use with carbonated beverages, formula or hot liquids



More FAQ’s for all cups...

Q: Are the cups dishwasher safe?

A: Every cup in the Explora range is dishwasher safe, but they should only be washed using the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Q: Why is the cup leaking?

A: The silicone valve may not have been assembled correctly, ensure the valve is pushed through the white retainer. Also, please ensure the small cut in the dome on the silicone valve can open to vent any air.

Q: Why is the white retainer falling off?

A: The valve may not be assembled correctly. Ensure the dome and button on the silicone side are pushed all the way through the holes on the white retainer.

Q: Why has the cup stained an orange color?

A: The only time we have come across the cups staining is if they have been washed in the dishwasher with items which have residues of dark colored sauces e.g. tomato or carrot or oil based foods.

Q: Are spare spouts and other spare parts available?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer spare spouts. However, the spout will last for as long as the child should need them unless the child chews or bites it excessively. If this is the case, we recommend using a different style of cup with a harder, more robust spout.We do offer spare valves. If you require a spare valve, please contact us.

Q: Can hot and carbonated drinks be used in Explora Cups?

A: tommee tippee Explora cups are not suitable for hot or fizzy (carbonated) drinks but tommee tippee recommends giving your child milk or water at these age stages.

Q: Can my Explora cup be sterilized?

A: All Explora cups are suitable for sterilization by steam (electric and microwave), boiling (5 minutes) or cold water tablet/liquid solution.

Q: Can I heat liquid in the Explora cups?

A: Explora cups are designed to hold warm drinks but are not designed for the drink to be heated in the cup. Ideally, the liquid should be warmed out of the cup and transferred to the cup when it is ready for your child to drink. We do not recommend heating liquids in the microwave anyway as heat pockets can be created.

Q: Does it matter if I mix up the valves from different products?

A: The Explora valves are the same throughout the entire range. Your cup will work fine as long as you have a hard and soft part and it is assembled correctly.