When it’s time to move on from milk...

...it’s the start of a great big food adventure with baby. And while things may get messy, were here to help make it fun and healthy too.

For everything you need to prepare baby’s meals, to their first cutlery, cups and tableware, we’ve got you covered for a great start to healthy appetites and mealtime manners.


When it comes to little ones, we take an ‘eat anywhere’ approach as a way of introducing little ones to sharing tables and mealtime manners. 

From easy scoop bowls, to bibs that roll and go to easy ways to warm and serve food and snacks on the go, we try make dining out as simple 

Weaning Spoons

From soft tips for tender mouths to long handles for reaching to the base of jars. Our baby cutlery sets are designed to help helo you though from those first tastes to

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Smushee™ Weaning Spoon

Just dip, no scoop! This cleverly designed self-feeding spoon allows your little one to easily start to learn how to self-feed by just dipping the spoon in their food. Plus, it’s reversible, so there’s no right or wrong way to hold it – perfect for babies just getting to grips with feeding!

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Self Feeding Spoons

First Cutlery Set